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Welcome to Fife School Sport Website
Whether you are a pupil, teacher, parent, member of staff or club representative you will find all you need to know about School Sport in Fife here! Competitions, fixture and results will be displayed here.  You will be able to link directly to local clubs and Scottish Governing Body (SGB's) websites as well as access our partners social media feeds. 

To find out more please contact:
Alex Bird (Fife School Sport Lead Officer) 
Ronan Capon (Active Schools Rep)


03451 555555 ext 461239
03451 55555555 ext 453107

Please view/ download our action plan here, detailing our priorities and work plan for the coming year:


National to Local Infrastructure 

Scottish Government recognise the value of competition in schools and have provided funding and direction to increase the quality of delivery across Scotland. Education Scotland place emphasis on competitive sport, as it is critical in supporting the development of attainment and life-skills in young people across Scotland.

There are structures in place to develop School Sport from National to Regional to Local levels. This ensures youngsters are given the most appropriate platform to compete through direction from national guidelines set out by Sport Scotland and Scottish Governing Bodies.


Local Network

Within Fife partners have worked together in forming associations to support the development of 11 key sports. This consists of representation from Scottish Governing Body Reps, Teaching Staff, Volunteers and Active Fife who sit on these groups to discuss and develop competitive structures which our youngsters can become involved in. 

Local Priorities

Schools, Associations, Active Fife and other partners work together in attempt to be inclusive in meeting the needs of all children and young people. This includes giving youngsters opportunity to participate and compete by embracing a comprehensive approach which gives a platform to build upon and enhance experiences. Through squads, competition and importantly participation pupils can follow their hobbies whilst developing their confidence and skills. Key people/ groups work towards meeting these priorities by widening opportunities across all sports.