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School Awards

National School Sport Awards Programmes

The effort of pupils, schools, teachers and all others involved in any aspect of competitive sport will be recognised and rewarded in school and associations.
In addition to local recognition sportscotland have created the School Sport Award programmes to nationally recognise the work being done.
It would be great for our Fife schools to gain this national recognition so why not "Go for Gold!”

Sportscotland School Sport Award

The country's best schools for physical education and school sport will get the recognition they deserve with the sportscotland School Sport Award.
The award will recognise a school's achievement in putting quality physical education and school sport at the heart of a school's planning, practice and ethos.The award accredits schools that continuously improve physical education and school sport, within and outwith the curriculum and strengthen sporting links between the school and local community.

Through the creation of a school sport committee, members of staff will work alongside school pupils to complete the School Sport Award self assessment and create and implement a development plan.
The self assessment tool will encourage self reflection and continuous improvement to help schools make real quality improvements in physical education and sport.

1. Go to www.sportscotland.org.uk/school-sport-awards and find the self-assessment tool.
2. Use the tool to identify how close your school is to the gold standard and which areas might need improvement.
3. On completion, the tool will notify you of your overall score and your score per section. You will also find out your current award level; Bronze, Silver or Gold.
4. If your school is eligible for a Gold Award, the application can be completed online and you will be required to upload evidence to support your application.
Go for Gold!

• Your school can register via: www.sportscotland.org.uk/schools/school-sport-awards
• Early applications for the 2014/15 sportscotland School Sport Award close on Friday 19 December
• The 2014/15 sportscotland School Sport Award close completely on Friday 15 May 2015
• 2014/15 Gold School Sport Awards will be presented to successful schools: June 2015

The School Sport Award is a Scottish Government initiative delivered by sportscotland.