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Fife Schools Golf


About Fife Schools Golf

Within Fife there are two competitions to ensure that all abilities have the opportunity to compete in Golf. Fife Schools Golf Association are working in partnership with Scottish Golf to create and develop an inclusive platform for pupils within local school to compete. This includes a handicap event for those who actively compete in golf at local clubs and importantly an open event where the tournament is played without a handicap structure for those new to the sport, those with a higher handicap and those who do not take part in local club events.

Fife Junior Open

Fife Junior Open has ran for the past two years and has allowed 40+ young people to compete in their first ever golf event. The tournament was originally set up to create a competitive pathway for those with a high handicap, however due to demand the tournament has evolved now including those without handicap and those new to the sport. The tournament is held at a local golf club as a 9 hole competition with additional prizes for 'longest drive' and 'closest to the pin'.

Fife Schools Championships


S1/S2 - Fife Junior Open Champion 2014-15:

S3/S4 - Fife Junior Open Champion 2014-15:

S1/S2 - Fife Junior Open Champion 2015-16:

S3/S4 - Fife Junior Open Champion 2015-16:
Scottish Golf

Golf courses might have hills, slopes and bunkers, but the game itself is the ultimate level playing field. Literally, almost anyone can play.

From age 3 to 103, male and female, in the city and the country, disabled and blind – all can enjoy a round. You can play in a group or on your own. And thanks to handicapping, a beginner can have an exciting game with a pro. There aren't many sports where that's the case!

The basic idea is so simple – hit a ball into a hole with a club. But from that simple idea comes an infinite variety of courses, holes, types of shots and tactics. You can play for 50 years and still be learning about the game – and yourself!

It's easy to take up. Coaching is widely available to get you off to the best possible start. Taking up golf can be life-changing – you'll make loads of new friends and you can play for the rest of your life.

Golf is also global. Almost every country in the world has a course, so you can play on holiday and if you travel on business.

The game is played in the fresh air, amid trees, by beaches and over (hopefully) rivers. Golf keeps you fit, rewards skill and helps you build concentration. Finally, golf is fun! Give it a go and see.

Golf Pathways/ Clubs
Please use link below to access Club Finder, providing an easy guide to great golf across the country. Search for Scottish Golf Membership Card offers, ClubGolf and Get into Golf coaching, Membership vacancies, and information on over 570 clubs in Scotland.