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Inverkeithing HS Ecstatic after they beat Viewforth HS at Away Game


The Under 15’s match was against Viewforth and Inverkeithing High School, it was Viewforth’s first home game since moving into the new Windmill Campus.

Viewforth’s team was made up of eight players, Inverkeithing High was brought twelve players to their away game. We see both Viewforth and Inverkeithing practicing just a couple minutes before the game starts. Viewfroth were sporting red uniforms and Inverkeithing black.

Just moments before Tip-off, D. Wills (15, Black) went over his ankle and had to sit out the entire game. Inverkeithing despite losing a member of their team, won the tip off and started the first quarter.

The first quarter saw Dinolfi (8, Black) a contact foul against Thomson (7, Red). The game was getting off to a good start, Inverkeithing leading strong through the first quarter and Johnston (4, Black) from made the first shot of the evening, followed by a tremendous shot from James (11, Black). Inverkeithing is very strong throughout the first quarter. The second quarter arrives and we see Inverkeithing still making a huge leap towards winning; Viewfroth really needed to step up their game if they wanted to have any chance in winning tonight.

The interval comes and we see both teams getting pep-talks from their coaches, Viewforth Coach, Reid, was seen giving the boys a stern talking to as they begin to fall in the first two quarters. The third quarter arrives and the Viewforth boys have really stepped it up, they are seen working harder. Reid, was shouting: "Watch your zones!” throughout the third quarter.

There were many fouls that score keepers Anderson and Hamilton (Head boy and Girl at Viewfroth) had to keep track of. There was a contact foul against Donnell (7, Black) from Inverkeithing High.

Despite Viewforth’s best efforts they lost the first home game to Inverkeithing, a strong army of twelve boys. The final score was seen to be 61-4 to Inverkeithing High.

Sarah Duncan

Fife School Sports