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PEPAS PE, Physical Activity & Sport

"Physical education provides the foundation from which to develop the skills and attributes necessary for participation in a wide range of physical activity and sport opportunities”

In order to support this development PEPAS in Fife aims are:

• For all Primary School pupils to receive at least 2 hours of PE and all Secondary School pupils in S1-S4 to receive 2 periods of PE.
• To increase confidence in the quality of delivery and engagement with PE.
• To develop pathways for learners towards physical activity and sport.

Fife PEPAS model:

The following diagrams show the Fife structure which is designed to ensure that the aims of PEPAS are implemented across our region.

 For further information on PEPAS please get in touch with your school Active Schools Coordinator who can provide contact for your cluster PEPAS champion.

PEPAS Cluster Network Model


PEPAS Steering Group

• The PEPAS Steering Group consists of representatives from Education, Primary School, Secondary School PE, Primary School PE, Active Schools, PEPAS Lead Champion, Outdoor Learning, Physical Activity & Legacy, Sports Development, Education Scotland, SportScotland and Community Use.

• Fife PEPAS Steering Group has produced a plan for PEPAS development in Fife and oversee and evaluate the implementation of the plan.

PEPAS Lead Champion

• To liaise with and report to the PEPAS Steering Group.

• To establish and support the growth of PEPAS Cluster Champions and PEPAS Cluster Networks

• To attend national events and training and from these update and support the PEPAS Champions in each cluster.

PEPAS Network

• Consists of PEPAS Champion, Primary School Reps, Secondary PE Staff Reps , Cluster Active Schools Coordinator, Sport Development, Sport Association Reps and Sport Ambassadors.

• Through sharing good practice and a collaborative approach to address areas of development, increase teacher confidence in the quality of delivery and engagement with PE

• Links with partners to develop pathways for pupils to engage in physical activity and sport.